As a small business, I genuinely appreciate your support in me! I'm hoping to be able to meet all your web design needs!

A completed design form must be received within 1 week of placing your order. YOU WILL BE CHARGED A FEE OF $150 TO BE PLACED BACK IN OUR QUEUE IF THE DESIGN FORM IS RECEIVED AFTER 1 WEEK OF YOUR ORDER DATE.

A few important things to note:

  • Images are the basis of any good website. To be able to bring your design needs to life, please make sure to send the best quality images you have.

  • While filling out the design form, please think of the entire scope of your business. Everything you need your customers to know need to be either on the design form or emailed to me. If you need assistance with coming up with verbiage/the layout/ pages you'd like on your website, please research a business in your industry and model their layout in your design form responses. Please think of everything that you will need on your site, as any edits after the website is completed does incur additional fees.

  • If you have a very specific look you're going for, please do let me know. If you can, send as many inspirational images as you'd like via email.

  • THE DESIGN FORM MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN A WEEK AFTER YOUR ORDER IS PLACED. IT IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE TO FULLY FILL OUT THE DESIGN FORM. IF YOUR DESIGN FORM IS NOT FULLY FILLED OUT, YOUR ORDER IS SUBJECT TO CANCELLATION.  The quality of the output(the website) is directly dependent on the quality of the input (the information you send me/design form). To have a good quality output, please ensure the quality of the input matches.


The process

The bulk of the web design process, I am generally silent. That is because I am taking the information you provided and putting it together. I spend a lot of time building the backend of the website through my developer dashboard as well as designing on photoshop, illustrator, and other programs. You most likely won't see any progress on your end until the final steps of the design process. PLEASE DO NOT PANIC. I am a one woman team, so I tend to spend most of my time on the computer working. I only tend to reach out when problems arise. If the design form is filled out properly, the amount of problems that will arise will be minimal. 


Once the backend portion of the website is completed, I then upload them to your respective platforms and fitting them to look nice. The actual "uploading" part takes me about 1 day. You may not hear from me until then unless questions arise during the design process. 


Once the web design is completed, I will send you a link and/or password to view the design created. You then go over the website, note down all changes you'd like and email them over to me. We repeat that process until the site is fully edited to your liking. At this point, any due payments is collected and the website is fully transferred to you!


Once the website is transferred to you, it is advised to get to know your new platform. Play around with the platform and note all questions you may have for me. All web design packages come with 14 day technical support. PLEASE UTILIZE THIS TIME TO GET TO KNOW YOUR PLATFORM. Any questions you have, please reach out to me and we will schedule a zoom call to resolve your issues.


Any questions, concerns, or issues that may arise during the web design process, please do let me know. My ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. If at any time, you feel like I am not meeting your needs, please let me know. I am very open with my clients and tend to build a professional relationships with them. I am open to any edits, changes, or even a " I just hate this, can we start from scratch". This is your project and I am hired to bring your design to life. I look forward to working with you and I hope I am able to meet your needs!