As a small business, we genuinely appreciate your business! We hope you are loving your new website. We advise our clients to play around with the platform and get together a list of questions or concerns they may have. We then hop on zoom where we can walk you through answering all those questions. Scheduling the zoom after you’ve had a chance to actually see and play with the system ensures that we are  addressing everything important or confusing to you. All packages does come with 14 days of tech support. We advise that you utilize this time to learn your platform. After the 14 days, it may be a little hard to reach me as I give my full attention to files that are open at that time. If you feel confident in using the platform and need no additional help, that’s great! However if you need additional help, please schedule a zoom walkthrough with the link below.  

If you ordered a package deal, please expect a separate email with the remainder of your designs.   

If you can, please leave me a review on my site at  Just search for the service you ordered and the reviews tab is next to the description.  

As always, we thank you for your business and look forward to working on future projects!  

Enjoy your new site!!!  

Happiness Nnebe   
PrettyGrlsDesign Co!


0:00 - Adding store products to your site

16:22 - Viewing Store Orders/Adding Tracking Numbers

22:06 - Creating Coupons

26:55 - Creating and sending Mass emails

31:18 - ***VERY IMPORTANT*** Setting up payment methods, store shipping, store tax, and adding contact information.

Another really helpful tool that I as a business owner have found useful is They integrate right into your wix site and allows you to create shipping labels, and send shipping confirmation emails to customers. The tutorial for this can be found at 44:21 in the video.

The last video shows how to link your instagram to your website to populate the feed and remove those random images at the bottom.